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8 safety tips that can help you avoid commercial lawn mower danger

Working in the landscaping and lawn care world, chances are you work with some pretty hefty lawn mowers. You may have riding lawn mowers, or else you might have some other kind of commercial-grade mower that gets the job done quickly. That lawn mower might extremely efficient and it might do a great job, but it is also a pretty dangerous piece of machinery.

For example-

  • The sharp, cutting edges from the mower blade can travel at 200 mph.
  • The lawn mower can pick up stones, branches, and debris and missile-launch them at 200 mph.
  • The muffler and cylinder of the mower get super hot and stay hot for an extended time after the lawn mower is turned off.
  • Gasoline = flammable.
  • Lawn mowers are super loud. They can produce 100 decibels of noise, which can have negative effects on hearing over a long period of time.

So, yeah – that lawn mower might look super cool, but it is also not a toy. Commercial lawn mowers can cause some pretty major damage if an accident happens. To help you and the folks in the vicinity stay safe, check out the following tips.

4. Clear the area before mowing.

Do a walk-around of the area that you are likely to mow and ensure that it's free of obstacles. Should you accidentally mow over something, it might get turned into a projectile, seriously injuring you or someone else. Make sure that no one's lingering round the area where they might be within the line of fire, and make sure that the ground is clear.

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