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Avoid disasters: Tips to improve safety at your retail store

If you work at a retail store, you're all-too-familiar with the chaos that is the holidays, Memorial Day Weekend, or pretty much whenever there's a big sale. People rush around to do their shopping and it feels like there isn't enough time-or hands-to worry about keeping everything neat and tidy. When you will find customers packed into the store, safety might take a backseat. However, it is important to enforce safety over speed and to always keep the floor clear.

There are a few stuff you can include in your training to make sure that your retail store stays safe both for the customers and your employees. The following are some safety tips that could are available in handy around your store.

6 strategies for retail store safety.

Tip #1. Think ahead.

Make sure your employees know to always scan for potential hazards. The floor should be kept as neat and tidy as possible. Boxes, merchandise, and ladders can quickly become trip traps. Everything should be put away in its proper place, not left in the middle of the floor, and you ought to give a space for employees to keep their belongings out of the way. Anticipating potential hazards is one of the best defenses against accidents.

Tip #2. Don't block fire extinguishers or sprinklers.

Fire is bad. You won't want to need to climb on the mountain of merchandise or boxes to get to the extinguisher if you need it, and the sprinklers can't do their job if there are things in the way.

Tip #3. Don't accidentally barricade yourself in.

Emergency exits have to be kept clear so that everyone can make a quick getaway if required. If you need to evacuate the shop, it'll be much less chaotic if people aren't trying to crawl over an obstacle course.

Tip #4. Use wet floor signs.

While bright yellow sandwich signs may not be aesthetically pleasing, they'll keep people from slipping on the slick floor. For everyone's sake, use the wet floor signs. You don't want any one of your customers or employees to obtain hurt, and you'll spare yourself a lawsuit.

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