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6 stuff you have to do if an employee has a workplace injury

No employer wants to see an employee get hurt around the job. You won't want to see your employees in pain, and workplace injuries usually have long-lasting effects on any business. But accidents are inevitable, and eventually you may find yourself dealing with a workplace injury or illness. This really is why workers’ compensation insurance is a vital a part of any business’s insurance plan. If you do ever have a workplace accident, there are six things you absolutely have to do.

Pro tip: Every state has different workers' comp laws, so you need to make sure you realize what your state’s laws are and what your company has to do to remain in compliance. The laws in your state could influence the quantity of time you need to report a workplace injury.

1. Get medical attention for that employee.

You have to make sure that the injured employee has got the medical attention they need so they can get better. For emergencies, seek immediate medical care. Don't take any chances. If the injury isn't an absolute emergency, give the employee the name of a medical provider that's in your network and make arrangements to get them there safely. Even if the injury seems minor and in a position to be handled using first-aid, never try to stop an employee from seeking medical care when they wish to see a doctor. That could turn into enormous legal trouble.

2. Investigate.

After a workplace accident, it's your job as an employer to investigate how and why the accident happened. You will need to go to the scene in which the injury happened and look for clues, taking notes while you do. Placed on your detective hat and have at it. Talk to witnesses and ask them for their take on which happened. Get several witness statements about the incident. Be methodical. It might help to have a collection of questions prepared ahead of time for such an occasion to be able to be as thorough, detailed, and consistent as possible in your investigations. Investigations help you learn how to prevent the accident from happening again, and preventing accidents can help lower your workers’ comp insurance premium.

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