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Just how can Bright in the Start reviews affect my daycare coverage?

We don't need to tell you how large a responsibility rests on your shoulders when you are looking at taking proper care of other people's children. Parents trust you with their kids, so it's absolutely vital that your daycare or childcare facility is top notch and as safe as possible. This is where Bright from the Start, the Georgia agency that oversees early childhood education and childcare facilities, is available in.

What is Bright from the Start?

Chances are you're already very familiar with Bright in the Start and what they do, but we'll give you a quick summary. Bright in the Start may be the organization responsible for ensuring that Georgia's children and their families get the care they need, plus they do that in a variety of ways.

Bright in the Start oversees the following:

@ Georgia's Pre-K program
@ Licensing of childcare centers and home-based childcare
@ Georgia's CAP (Childcare and Parent Services) Program
@ Administration of federal nutrition programs
@ Quality Rated, Georgia's childcare rating system

In short, Bright in the Start makes sure that kids get the education and care that they need. They're the ones who check on daycare and childcare facilities to see that rules are being followed which the children underneath the care of childcare providers are safe.

Typically, a facility's cooperation with the guidelines set forth by Bright to the Start will play into how often they are visited. But regardless of what, the organization will look into all claims of rules being broken.

*We'd prefer to extend a special because of George Matlock, Commercial Risk Advisor at InsuranceHub (and our own in-house specialist when you are looking at daycare insurance coverages) for his contributions to this article.

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