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How you can take a home inventory using GoogleDrive

Recently we talked about why home inventories are vital when it comes to home insurance. Creating a home inventory helps you ensure you have enough coverage for your home, and it makes filing a claim for fire or burglary easier. Making a list of all of the belongings in each room of your house might sound tedious, but we've got a suggestion for a more tech-friendly method of conducting your home inventory.

If you're acquainted with GoogleDrive, you realize that it's an online file storage system that you could access from any internet-connected device. Whatever you create or type right into a Google document (simply called a GoogleDoc) within Drive is saved, and it's a way to avoid keeping your all-important and all-inclusive inventory in your house where it may be destroyed.

Here's our how-to-make-an-inventory in GoogleDrive guide:

Step 1. Sign up for GoogleDrive.

If you have a Gmail account, you don't have to make a separate account for GoogleDrive. You can access it through your email by clicking around the little square icon next for your profile icon on the top right. This is called Google Apps, and from there you can select GoogleDrive. It'll launch for you and you're all set to go.

Step 3. Create subfolders for every room in your house.

If you double click the folder you just created, you'll come to a blank area. Click on the brand new button again and select New Folder again. Title this folder for a room in your home, i.e. Master Bedroom or Family room.

Keep creating new folders until you have one for every room in your house.

Step 4. Start listing.

Let's say we wish to start out with the Living Room. Double click the Living Room folder and then click the NEW button. This time select GoogleDoc. This will open a blank document that works very much like Microsoft Word. Title your document and start listing all your important belongings. The Doc will automatically save while you go.

If you have any queries about your home insurance or if you'd like to get a free quote, contact us today! We like insurance, and we'd love to talk about how to protect your home with the right coverage.

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