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Do you have a family fire escape plan for your home?

According to the Red Cross, it may take as little as two minutes for a house to be engulfed in flames. It's terrifying to consider how swift and devastating a house fire could be – one reason why you need to make certain you have enough home insurance. When a fire hits, the most important thing may be the safety individuals and your loved ones. That's why you and your loved ones need to be ready – whenever a fire starts, time is precious. Everyone needs to understand what to do when the smoke detector goes off or they smell smoke. For everybody to obtain out of the house and to safety as quickly as possible, you need to have a family fire escape plan. We've got a few tips to help you put together your fire escape plan and your loved ones safe.

1. Tour your home and figure out two escape routes from every room.

Just in case the obvious exit from any given room is blocked by smoke, heat, or flame, you need to have a backup plan. It may be a window or a route into another room that has a path to the outside. Involve your family in this process. Talk through the very best escape routes together.

2. Make sure everyone is clear on basic fire safety.

While you're creating your fire escape plan, take some time to review basic fire safety with your family. Around the agenda should be-

  • Stop, drop, and roll to extinguish flames from clothing.
  • How to call 911
  • Opening closed doors: Use the back of a hand to feel the doorknob, the top the door, and the crack between the frame and the door.
    • If it's hot, use the 2nd exit.
    • If it's cool, brace yourself against it and open it slowly.
  • Crawling low to the ground and covering your mouth if you need to go through smoke.
  • How to store flammable chemicals/items.
  • Not wasting time trying to gather personal belongings.
  • Teaching children not to have fun with fire – what to do when they encounter matches or a lighter. You have to make sure that kids realize that these are for grown-ups only and them out of sight and reach.
  • Considering getting fire extinguishers for your home and making sure you know how to use fire extinguishers safely.

3. Set a designated meeting spot for the family.

Part of the plan should be deciding on a meeting spot a safe distance away from your home. Everyone should know where you are going to gather after you've escaped. One person ought to be the appointed 911-caller. Their job is to visit a neighbor's house to call 911 and tell them about the fire.


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