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Are You Underinsuring Your Home?

While you might not wish to think about this, they are risks for virtually every homeowner in the usa. Fortunately, with the right home insurance policy in place, you don’t need to bother about the financial risks associated with these types of losses.

Your home insurance policy will protect you against the many risks your home faces.

At the minimum, your homeowner’s policy should provide:

  • Enough financial coverage to help you rebuild your home if it were to become lost in a covered incident.
  • Coverage to replace your belongings lost in such an event.
  • Protection from liability risks – for example others being hurt on your property.
  • Enough protection to cover any high-value items you have on your property.

When it comes to making decisions about your home’s value, it may be hard to know what it truly may be worth. Generally speaking, most homeowners need to take extra precautions to not under insure their home. For instance, should you have actual value insurance, this may not consider the price of construction to rebuild your home. Rather, it is often recommended that homeowners have enough coverage for the cost of construction – if those costs outpace inflation. This will also help guarantee replacement cost coverage instead of actual value.

You also wish to consider the worth of every item in your house. How much will it take to replace those items? Get an appraisal of the home and its items to determine the home's actual value. This is actually the only real method to know how much your home may be worth, and be sure you have ample coverage to rebuild it.

Home insurance plans need to provide an appropriate level of protection to ensure your finances don't get drained within the event of the covered incident. However, should you haven’t estimated your value, you might be underestimating your insurance needs.

Review your coverage with an agent today. Call InsuranceHub at (877) 341-5728 for additional information on the home insurance policies we provide.

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