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Social media mistakes to prevent on summer vacation

Ahhhhh… Vacation.

Just saying the word “vacation” helps you to relax and to smile. However, here’s what you ought to think about and your family before your vacation:

  • Is it advisable to post on your social media outlets that you are not likely to be home for a week or two?
  • Do you want your vacation plans to be common knowledge for a burglar to find out?
  • Did you realize that lots of people are making it super easy for burglars by posting their whereabouts on social media?

In fact, one recent survey says that the 41% of homeowners between the ages 18-34 year old post vacation pictures and locations on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare etc.

Here’s a cold, hard truth: burglars and thieves are going social too.

They view Facebook his or her best tool for picking a simple target. In fact, one resource says that 78% of burglars use social media to pick the next location to break into. So what can you need to do to protect yourself? Easy! You need to learn from the common mistakes that others make!

Frequent social media mistakes made before summer vacation

SOURCE: http://www.inthenation.com/7-social-media-vacation-safety-tips/

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