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How to choose a roofing contractor for hail damage repairs

Don’t make these common mistakes when selecting a roofing company to repair your hail damaged roof

Hail storms cause everyone to stick the vehicle in the garage and grab the kids to run inside. Let’s face it, just one short hail storm can cause a great deal of damage very quickly. It may tear up your roofing shingles and cost a large number of dollars for that hail damage repairs. Should you have suffered from hail damage, then you might be wondering who you should call to fix it. We want to enable you to avoid some of the common mistakes homeowners make when selecting a roofing contractor.

It hailed in your neighborhood during the last week. You hear a knock at the door. A nice man tells you they are in the neighborhood offering FREE hail damage roof inspections. They casually mention they have secured FREE roofs for many of your neighbors because they handle everything together with your insurance company. What in the event you do?


First, be wary of any from town contractors offering to replace your roof. A number of these companies chase hail storms and travel from city to city doing roofing jobs.

Why should this alarm you?

  • Are they licensed and insured for your city and neighborhood? Ask to see updated proof of license and insurance.
  • If they're out of town contractors, then what goes on next week whenever your new roof starts to leak after the next rain shower? Who will fix it and stand behind the repairs or installation?

The lesson: Hire only local, reputable roofing companies that have a record for standing behind their work to do your hail damage repairs.

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