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Protect your home from lightning damage and fires

Is there whatever you can do to prevent lightning storm fires?

Think back to when you were a kid. What did you need to do when you heard thunder and saw lightning fill in the sky? Hide underneath the covers? Run for your parent’s room? Today, as adults we know and respect the power and danger of a lightning storm.

Did you know that in recent years, an average of 22,600 fires per year were started by lightning according to US fire departments? That averages to almost 62 fires a day. Sadly, that means an average of nine civilian deaths, 53 civilian injuries, and $451 million in direct property damage each year. That doesn’t include all in our brave firefighters that died within the line of duty putting out fires brought on by lightning. While the majority of these fires were outdoors, home fires caused the most deaths, injuries, and property damage.

Summertime (June – August) may be the worst time for a lightning storm

Think about this. Dry drought conditions might make it easy for a fire to start quickly. In fact, in recent years, an average of 9,000 wildfires/year started by lightning resulting in burning 402 acres, per wild land fire.

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