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Title Insurance Recording Standards

The process of document recording is highly regulated in Minnesota. You have to follow very specific rules to get a document recorded during the title insurance process. In this article, we are going to walk through the various recording standards that exist for underwriting title insurance in the state of Minnesota.

Minnesota Statutes

Recording standards are set forth in Minnesota Statute Sections 507.24 and 507.093. Listed here are some of the most significant things your recorded documents need to include:

  • Accurate identification information from the grantor and grantee
  • A statement that indicates who drafted the documents
  • An accurate legal description of the property
  • A notarized original signature of the grantor
  • Signatures from all necessary parties
  • A 3 inch margin at the top the first page
  • A 1 inch margin everywhere else
  • Font size must be at least 8-point through the document

In addition to these standards, the document must be legible and reproducible. There may not be any white-out or other modifications on the document.

These are the standards that must be met to ensure that a document to be deemed recordable in the state of Minnesota.

Recording in Different States

Recording in different states can bring a host of additional issues, as each state has its own recording requirements that have to be followed. It's important that the individual or entity recording your documents for you is acquainted with the state and local rules and regulations to prevent any potential issues.

Commercial Real Estate Title Insurance

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