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How Water can Impact Property Legal Descriptions & Title Insurance

Properties that are located on or near bodies of water can present unique difficulties for examiners and title underwriters. In this article, we will discuss how bodies of water can impact title insurance and legal descriptions of property.

Changes in Water Levels

Bodies of water go through many changes throughout a given year. The water level can rise, fall, or shift significantly. In turn, this changes the shape from the adjoining land. As you can imagine, this creates an issue from a legal description and title insurance standpoint, because the property boundaries are literally changing with the water level. As a result, it's generally not a good idea to use a body of water as a boundary in a property legal description. Most title insurers will not underwrite policies for property that uses bodies of water as boundaries in the legal description. Doing so can result in lots of problems (including litigation) for that property owner.

Commercial Partners Title

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