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Are All Title Insurance Policies The Same?

Not all title insurance policies are made equal. In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss the various differences you might find among different title insurance policies and the way to find the correct one for your needs.

Title Policy Differences

Not all title insurance policies are the same. To begin with, there is a distinction between the lender's title insurance policy and the owner's title insurance policy. The lender's policy protects the lender, while the owner's policy protects the property owner. Inside the category of owner's title insurance policies, there is a large amount of variance as well. Every property is unique, which means that every title insurance policy is unique as well. Some properties may need various endorsements to account for conservation easements or railways, for example. Other properties may be rather straight forward and not require any endorsements. It all comes down to the property in question and the specific needs of the purchaser.

Talk to Your Title Insurance Company

The most important thing that you can do is to talk with your title insurance company. Be sure to explain your specific needs so they can draft a title insurance policy that is right for you. Open communication between you and the title company will yield the best possible results.

Experienced Commercial Title Company

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