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3 Endorsements that Can Be Used in an Owner's Title Insurance Policy

There is really a wide range of endorsements readily available for owner’s title insurance policies. In this article, we will walk via a few endorsements that are commonly used within an owner's title insurance policy.

Access Endorsements (Direct & Indirect)

This 2006 ALTA endorsement insures that the property described in Schedule A is contiguous to and has actual vehicular and pedestrian access to a specifically identified physically open and publicly maintained street, using existing curb cuts or entry points. This endorsement supplements the conventional ALTA policy language that affirmatively insures that the parcel isn't landlocked. The Indirect Access endorsement insures actual vehicular and pedestrian access to a specifically identified physically open and publicly maintained street across an insured easement. A survey or other evidence (such as a plat if the property has been subdivided) may be required to establish these facts.

Co-Insurance Single Policy Endorsement

This endorsement is issued with a co-insurer if a lead co-insurer (the “Issuing Co-Insurer”) prepares and issues a policy. Another co-insurers then issue the Co-Insurance Endorsement, which is attached to the policy of Issuing Co-Insurer and which incorporates the terms from the policy from the Issuing Co-Insurer. The co-insurers do not prepare or issue separate policies. The Endorsement sets forth the names and addresses from the co-insurers, the policy number assigned by each co-insurer (and the file number also may be shown), applicable quantity of insurance assumed by the co-insurer and proportion of liability assumed by the co-insurer.

Contiguity Endorsements

These endorsements provide affirmative coverage that the parcel or parcels are contiguous. The ALTA 19 Endorsement insures that boundaries of two separate parcels, both of which are contained in the insured legal description, are contiguous. The ALTA 19.1 Endorsement confirms contiguity between the insured land as well as an adjacent described parcel or roadway. The ALTA 19.2 Endorsements allows for that description of specific parcels (for instance, Parcels 1 and 2) and insures against loss resulting from gaps or gores lying within, as well as between, the specified parcels. An alternative (not ALTA) endorsement is available which insures that the single described parcel is internally contiguous.

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