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What Our Clients Say About Our Title Services

The true mark of the great title insurance company is satisfied clients. In this article, we are going to feature some comments from a number of our previous clients.

Jon Fahning, Shingobee Real Estate Company, LLC

Commercial Partners has been a long-standing partner with us (Shingobee) as part of our real estate development business, prior to my coming aboard in 2012. Coming in the West Coast, I had no prior relationship with a local Twin Cities title company so we continued to maintain the relationship between our two companies in our real estate needs, which has been nothing under fantastic!

Hudson Brothen, Cushman & Wakefield

I started a business in 2009, most of my work was industrial building sales (representing both buyers and sellers). I was recommended to Commercial Partners Title with a business partner, and had an excellent initial experience. After that I decided to test a different title company and it almost ruined the transaction. I quickly learned a hard lesson to use a trusted group like Commercial Partners Title whenever possible.

Steve Rohlf, Cornerstone Auto

Both the Disbursing Coordinator and Closer aren't only extremely helpful and knowledgeable, they're downright pleasant to work with. I have to deal with all facets of our commercial construction projects by myself, with the exception of whichever one of those two is assigned to the project. They take the strain out of doing a draw and make me seem like I've someone on my team.

Experts in Title Insurance

At Commercial Partners Title Company, we focus all of our efforts on providing the best possible title insurance services to our clients. Our team of escrow agents, title closers, and underwriters is ready and in a position to facilitate every aspect of the transaction. E mail us today to learn more about the full range in our services and just how we are able to help you through your next commercial transaction. You can find us at our primary office, that is situated in downtown Minneapolis.

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